our forum is now up and running, just click the fine looking button in the frame, aaaaaand there you go!!


New Website

With help from Alqy we are now starting to get a new site, this site will i time contain a forum, and other various stuff hopefully, news will be posted on this site as soon as it is up and running.


The Plague is becoming a raiding guild

The Plauge is turning into a raiding guild, we now have a few lvl 70 in the guild who wish to start raiding, but we need at least 10 players for a karazhan run, Uruu has taken over leadership of the guild and are making preparations for creating a raid guild, if we keep to schedule, raiding will start after Christmas some time. if your wish to become a raider, this is the critiria

    first you of course need to be lvl 70.

    then you will need the karazhan key or at least have started the quest.

    in karazhan, gear is important, while we are waiting for enough people try to get as much dungeon gear as possible.